CharmeRural is an online store dedicated since 2016 to the sale of Portuguese products related to gastronomy and wine, handicrafts and cosmetics.

Our goal is to offer the most demanding consumers the best Portugal has to offer in terms of textures, colors, aromas, tastes and shapes.

To this end, we traveled through our country and, through a careful and rigorous selection, we recovered ancestral flavors and knowledge, which are part of our heritage and are a faithful portrait of our culture.

To these genuine products that reflect the collective memory, a touch of sophistication and design was added, present above all in the packaging and, in some cases, the original concept was reinterpreted, reinvented and recreated with innovation.


Many of our articles are 100% handmade and, when mechanical, follow ancestral manufacturing techniques, giving the products all the identity present in our genetic code, which already has more than 800 years of history.

We have products certified with the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) or IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) seal, as well as products awarded medals at national and international fairs for their excellence, quality and differentiation.

Charmerural also seeks to repay the much that our Planet gives us. For each purchase made through the site, we offer a tree to plant. We try to erase our ecological footprint and fight climate change, contributing to a more sustainable planet.


Garrafeira and Portuguese Products, duly selected and coming from various parts of the country, including islands.