Portuguese Cheeses and Sausages

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At CharmeRural you will find properly selected and award-winning charcuterie and Portuguese cheese products, which can be served simply, in crispy toasts or also in whole or sliced ​​bread, cooked in old wood ovens.

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Our selection of charcuterie, all gourmet, has delicious and original wild boar and venison chorizos and the famous Chestnut Farinheira.

Our exquisite range of cheeses, whole or preserved in jars, includes products from goat, sheep or a mixture, buttered or cured, with milder or more intense flavors and aromas, with or without herbs and spices added.

Portuguese charcuterie and cheeses are artisanal, some PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), working very well as an elegant dessert, as a filling for an appetizing snack or as an accompaniment to a good glass of wine.

(*) For reasons of hygiene and safety, in the warmer months, it may not be possible to send some cheeses, it is always necessary to confirm the availability of this product with CharmeRural.